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Overseas Investors think Scottish Independence will Increase Property Prices in England

A Find UK Property survey on overseas investors looking to buy UK property, has shown that most (53%) thought that a “YES” vote in the Scottish referendum will result in higher property prices in England. However, the majority did not think a “NO” vote would have any significant effects on property prices.

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Find UK Property sees 55% Increase in Low Cost UK House Sales to Overseas Investors

In the 6 months from January to June 2014, Find UK Property has seen a 55% increase in sales of low cost investment properties under £70,000 to overseas buyers when compared with the same period last year. This has been helped by the improved perception of the UK property market this year and investors switching from expensive London to property to lower cost property outside London.

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Main Factors Rated as Important by Overseas Investors When Buying UK Property?

Overseas investors consider certain factors to be key when selecting an investment property in the UK. Whilst in the past Find UK Surveys had shown that being near London was important, the recent survey shows that this is not the case and other factors such as price and rental yield are more important.

Previous surveys done by Find UK Property have shown that being near London was important when considering investment property. However prices in London have gone up sharply over past 5 years and rental yields are very low, making London less attractive to investors. This is confirmed by the recent Find UK Property survey which shows other factors to be more important.

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Find UK Survey Show The Top Reasons Why Overseas Residents Including UK Expats Are Buying UK Property

Recent Survey by Find UK shows that over 42% of overseas clients including Expats are now looking to buy a UK property for investment compared with only 31% 5 years ago. Approximately 20% looking to buy for both holiday use and investment and under 24% need it for purely their own residential use.

Previous surveys done by Find UK Property have shown Investment and “Holiday Use” to be equally important reasons why overseas residents are looking for UK Property. Their latest survey shows the most important reason now is clearly purchase for pure investment.

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Overseas Investors Are Switching Away from London in Search for Low Cost UK Property

High London property prices and low rental yields are changing views amongst overseas buyers looking for a low cost investment property in the UK. The April 2014 ‘Find UK Property’ survey shows that the percentage of people considering property outside London have more than doubled, compared with a similar survey done by the company 5 years ago in 2009.

Previous surveys done by Find UK Property have shown London to be the main location sought by overseas investors looking for UK Property. However, their latest survey shows that this is now changing.

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Are these the best value UK Investment Properties? 2-Bed Houses – £52,995

This post explains why these types of full 2-bedroom houses priced at £52,995 are the best value investment properties in the UK. See the  evidence below. Comments welcome.

1.Key Points

-Fully renovated complete 2-bedroom houses for £52,995

-Already rented with 8% rent – £4,240 per year

-Full property management with guaranteed repairs and guaranteed rent option (at 7%)

-High rental demand – near town centres, university and railway station and all facilities

-Complete buying and long-term management service included with guarantees.

-Overall excellent investment returns up to 20% per year. You investment could double within 5 years.

See full details below

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Dubai Property Versus UK Property – Which is Better?

Two of the most popular countries considered by International Investors for property investment are the UK and Dubai. Our group companies (Find UK Property and Openshore Dubai Property) sell and manage property in both of these locations, and so we thought we would give you a summary comparing these two options – UK Property or Dubai Property. This post also appeared on the Openshore Blog in February.

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Overseas Buyer Views on UK Property and on Find UK

In our latest surveys we asked clients who were looking to purchase a property in the UK about their views on how the market will change from now until end of 2015. Do most of them think prices will go up or go down?  We also compared the results with a similar survey we did in 2009 – 5 years ago.

We also asked them about their views on Find UK Property – the company . We wanted to know what perceptions they had formed of the company from the website, and dealing with the sales team so far; and are they likely to buy from us. All of these clients had not yet purchased a property but had dealt with sales staff and had obtained information about our properties and services.

Some of the data is shown below

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Comparing Property with other forms of Investment

This post is not really a blog but a sales post which was also sent out as an email mailshot to potential customers. It is telling you why investing in a low cost property is better than other forms of investment such as shares and savings. You could thus be loosing money by keeping your savings in a bank account and not doing anything.

The key point below is that with property you have possession of a tangible asset which not only gives you rental income but also can give you capital growth in value.

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Which type of UK Property is desired by overseas buyers

In our recent Find UK Survey of overseas buyers looking to purchase property in the UK, we covered 3 main questions

1. Why do they want to buy a property in the UK?

2. Which type of property were they looking for?

3. Which was their most desired location?

The results are summarized in the charts below

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